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Full Version: Does LibreELEC remove the need to do "OS-level" color calibration?
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I am currently running KODI on a HTPC running Windows, and since I until recently been running it to an old Panasonic PV70 (1024x768px) I haven't really put that much effort into calibrating it.

I recently upgraded to a UHD-TV, and the first thing that annoyed me is that to get a good picture I have to first calibrate it in the OS (Intel "driver pack"), then calibrate it on the TV, and then I have to go back and forth between them to optimize.

Will I have to go through the same process again if I move from Windows to LibreELEC? Or will I only have to calibrate the TV?
Good question! On my Windows HTPC I've gone thru the Intel Display settings making adjustments to get it "just right". On my LibreELEC HTPC I can't/don't-know-how to make the same adjustments, but it *seems* to behave ok. Hmmmm.