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Full Version: [RELEASE] Galbadia Hotel Music Plugin - Anime and Videogame Soundtracks
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6722 odd mp3`s of anime and Videogame soundtracks.

I will add a search when i get time, just make do for now - That`s what the right trigger is for.Nod

Okay all working now and with no worries about loss of links etc - This is permanent.
( Unless they change the site structure)

Thanks for the patience Dominater01

The files are not really meant for streaming, slow server.

Use Paplayer to play the files if you want them instantly.

Better option : - Set audio cache to 4096 to get the full mp3 via mplayer.

Cheers, Voinage.
thx voinage for the plugin but i cant seem to get any songs to work but i will try again later, if theres a certain way to get these mp3s working plz tell me k thx
The encryption is stored in the statcounter - i`m looking into it. Just be patient.

Cheers V
This is fine now.


every song i tried to play worked this time and the download also worked thx for making this plugin voinage
Glad to be of help Sir, it was fun.

Now if you haven`t watched Great Teacher Onizuka anime & Tv version.

Download the crunchyroll plugin - search the forum.

Watch loads of anime & Japanese Tv shows & the Music Videos.

Cheers V
are you still adding a search feature? another idea would b for you to add http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks.php just where it shows a b c etc. just that part on the page might b easier insted of holding down the r trigger to get the song you want.
Any chance we could get an update of this ol' plugin?Smile

I tried throwing https://code.google.com/p/voinage-xbmc-p...r&can=2&q= into a plugin.audio.galbadia folder but nothing pops up.