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Full Version: Stalker PVR on Kodi can't play
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Hello ,
First thank you for your work on this project

I found a problem using Stalker PVR on the latest (only available XBOX one version) 

I have stalker client configured on my Laptop(Windows 10 ) , Raspberry Pi 3 and Xbox. 
Only the XBOX one client can't play anything. It just shows all  the TV channels but pressing anything on the controller doesn't seems to start the Channel.

The only difference Is that the XBOX is using Alpha2 version (Leila). Anyway to downgrade ?
I can confirm...pvr stalker client not working with kodi 18....i tested on windows 10 and on android platform...i hope kodi developers solve this problem soon....pvr stalker is fine with kodi 17.6....
so, any info when we can start using pvr.stalker client addon in Kodi Leia?
Made the mistake of updating Kodi to 18 on my Xbox one and now they don’t have stalker. Just wasted $$$ on an iptv subscription