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Full Version: Plex DVR Addon for Kodi
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I've been using both KODI and Plex  for quite some time, and was wondering if there is any possibility of getting a Plex DVR addon for kodi.
I really love the DVR/Live TV functionality in Kodi over what is currently available in Plex, however they have some really great feature built into the DVR.

For example, based on postal code or zip code many area's have integrated programming guides, and if you want you can still tie into your own xmltv file.
When you record a show, you can tell plex to record it from all available channels or only specific ones
You can also have it record all episodes or only new ones
You can have it remove commercials
You can have it re-record a show if it's available in higher quality than the original recording
You can also have plex convert the video while recording

Plus the DVR options are really easy to setup and configure compared to many other apps.

Currently i've been using TVHeadend, which has been great with Kodi, but setting up things like commercial skiping have be complicated, and you need to set up post processing scripts, and scripts to properly rename file with things like filebot...put plex handles all of this natively

BTW, i know that there is a Plex app for Kodi, but it doesn't support the DVR/live tv features in plex, and anyway I think if it was possible to integrate the Kodi DVR/live tv functionality with the Plex DVR backend it would be super awesome.
I want to do this as well, I keep trying Plex media player but the flaky CEC and various other issues with playback keep me coming back to Kodi.
+1 from me too, been playing around with the Plex DVR function the last few days to see if I could replace my current ArgusTV and DVBViewer backends over time, especially as there is hardly any support for ArgusTV anymore. Would be great if there was a Plex PVR addon for Kodi or if the existing Plex addon for Kodi could use some of the functionality in the DVR
+1 from me. I have been using Tvh for some time. I recently bought a HD homerun Duo & Plex pass. I do like the Plex EPG. 

I would like a Plex addon with pvr, but I think the problem is most of these current plex addons are clients, I think you need a Plex server addon. 

I run Libreelec which now has Docker, there is a Plex addon for this, but it doesn't show live tv.