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Full Version: Constantly crashing
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Odroid C2
Kodi 17.6
Ethernet wired 100mbs..(speedtest over 100)
Librelec 8.2.5
Aeon nox Silvio skin
Harmony remote with Flikr dongle

I went from Pi3 to Odroid for specs, now I crash periodically. The screen will freeze out of the blue, OR the speakers have a loud hiss and the screen turns white (grayish) with horizontal lines.
I've changed power supply, sd card, re installed Librelec, all to no avail. The crash happens once every couple days, or 5x in one day. I'm thinking maybe hardware.
I even this morning installed android on a new sd card, installed gaps play store, kodi, and yep, crashed again.
Anyone else experiencing?
It's a shame because other than that I have 0 stream issues.
What does it have to do with Windows UWP version of Kodi?