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Full Version: Cannot install nightly apk - Android 7
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If I try to install a nightly build from http://mirrors.kodi.tv/tools/kore/nightlies/ I can download the file but when I come to install it, my Android 7 phone throws an error message: "App not installed. The package appears to be corrupt."

Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Shouldn't happen. Have you tried a release build (the latest is the same as the nightly) http://mirrors.kodi.tv/tools/kore/releases/

Also, try uninstalling Kore first, or use adb install -r
Thanks for your reply. You mention using adb - I've just been downloading the install file from Chrome on my phone. Is this the correct method or should I be connecting the phone to my PC and using adb?
If you were able to install it just by downloading it in chrome it should still be working (nothing changed in that regard afaik). I just use adb for installing. 

Try uninstalling Kore first then.