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Full Version: Cable TV's Sneaky Fees Article by Consumer Reports
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Some authors at Consumer Reports are apparently not aware of Kodi or any other software that is compatible with CableCARDs.  Consumer Reports recently wrote an article about the high fees that Comcast and other cable companies in the USA are nontransparently adding to their customers' bills. I put some more information about this in my blog.  The article fails to mention that you can save a considerable amount of money by using your own DVR instead of using the equipment available from your cable company.   With very few exceptions, federal rules in the USA require your cable company to allow you use your own DVR or HTPC.  It is very easy to purchase an HTPC and CableCARD tuner such as an HDHomeRun Prime, install Kodi, and use an add-on from kodi.tv/addons.*

*The channels you want can be encrypted, but they cannot be copy protected and work with Kodi.
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I have friends who work there. Wonder if I can clue them in
That would be appreciated.  People need to know what options are available.