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Full Version: How can I uninstall youtube-dl Control
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I'm fairly new to using Kodi and decided to try out some different skins and ended up with this add-on being installed with one of the skins.  I wasn't too fond of any of the skins, so I uninstalled them and also wanted to uninstall all the extra add-ons that came with them, but this one is being stubborn.  When I click uninstall I get a popup that states...
"youtube-dl Control is used by the following installed add-on(s)
Kodi65 Library
This add-on can't be uninstalled"

I've looked at the list that shows all my add-ons and there's nothing by the name of "Kodi65 Library".  I have uninstalled every add-on that gives me the option to uninstall it, but this one still won't let me uninstall it.  Also can't disable it either, for the same reason (being used by Kodi65 Library).  The skins that I tried out were Eminence 2.0, Horizon, and Mimic.  I can't remember for sure which one installed the youtube add-on, but I don't need it and would like to get rid of it, so if anyone can give me some advice, I'd appreciate it.

If you haven't, try this:

1- Make sure you are using the default Estuary theme (this is just so the rest of the instructions make sense)
2- select the gear icon at the top of the home screen to bring up the settings
3- select the SYSTEM option (DO NOT select ADD-ONS, that feels like where you want to go, but it's a trap)
4- move down to the Add-ons section of the SYSTEM area
5- in the right windwo select MANAGE DEPENDENCIES

That area will list some things that you don't see in any other view of your addons.  From there you should be able to find and delete Kodi65 Library.  Once you do that, then you can delete the youtube-dl Control.  If you don't see the Kodi65 Library in that list, then you're going to have to delete it manually.  Kodi stores all addons in a folder.  Where that folder is depends on your OS.  See this wiki page, but instead of userdata the folder is addons.


Quite Kodi and then delete whatever directory has a name that looks like Kodi65 Library (if might be named something like module.kodi65 or script.kodi65library).  Restart Kodi and then delete the YouTube control as you've been trying to.

Hope something in there helps.
That worked like a charm.  It was in the system add-ons, so it was simple to get rid of  Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Many thanks. I could solve the problem.
Your anser was very helful.
Greetings from Switzerland