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Full Version: Foreign movies: movie and poster not found
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I own english movies and foreign movies. What I would like: if I have a french movie, the path of the movie contains the french name and the poster will be also in french.
I don't know if it can work like that. Some movies are detected, some not and for other I can't get the poster in french. My scrapper is the following:

Scrapper: the movie database


Keep original title: on
Enable Fanart: on
Enable Trailer: on
Preferred language: en
Preferred certification country: us
Defaut rating from: Imdb
Add also Imdb rating: off

Content and scanning options:

Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title: off
Scan recursively: on
Exclude path from library updates: off

I have rescan my library, but I had to cut the log file, because it was to big. I hope I didn't cut some important information. The
log is: https://pastebin.com/qq8P9EcU

There are two cases:

1. The movie "Back to Burgundy". The path contains the title in french: "Ce qui nous lie". Movie db: https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/432087-...uage=de-DE

The original title is the french title. The poster is found un kodi but it is  in english. If I try to change the Poster, I can't find a french version in kodi, but there are several version on the database.
How can I get the french version ?

2. The movie "Do not Disturb". The path contains the title in french: "Une heure de tranquilité". Movie db: https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/298614-une-heure-de-tranquillit?language=de-DE
The original title is the french title and it exists. Kodi don't find the movie. Perhaps it as to do with the "é".

I want to keep the language "english" because for a lot of movies it's perfectly ok.

Thank you for your help!
The problem is that you are mixing languages.

You have your scraper set as Preferred language: en, but you have named your movies in French. No that is not going to work. And the link you gave me seems to be in German.

If you have set English in the scraper setting, then your movie titles must be in English otherwise the scraper is searching for the French name in the English section and, of course, it won't find it. And yes, if you select English, then you will get the English posters.

You need to pick a language and stick to it.

If you want French posters, then you will need to manually download them directly from the website.

Moved to metadata scrapers.
If I understand correctly, I have two options:

1. I create a NFO file and I have to download the posters if I want to stick to english language.
2. I create a second list of movies with a scraper with french language.

Am I right ?
(2018-07-16, 11:28)korben1 Wrote: [ -> ]What I would like: if I have a french movie, the path of the movie contains the french name and the poster will be also in french.
You don't say what language you want for the rest of the metadata like the plot.

Why don't you create two Sources.
Movies- English set the scraper as preferred language EN
Movies- French set the scraper as preferred language French

Obvioiusly French movies go into French Source and they will get French title, French poster and French plot if available at TMDB.
The suggestion to use different sources is a good one, especially if you have a lot of movies in a different same language.
For the odd French movie among 100's of English it is easier to either correct/change the metadata manually or use a Media Manager like Ember.
Thank you for your suggestions!

I have to think about it. The creation of two sources is a good idea and for the moment it's enough. If later I have movies in another language I could
create another sources and so on.

At the same time, I find sometimes it's a little bit slow to get the information with the scraper. So a tool like Ember Is a good idea. I will end with one
of those suggestions.

I have the same problem.
 watch a lot of foreign movies in the original soundtrack and I named the file with its original titles and would like Kodi to link the movies to the right titles... wouldn't it be possible to update the imdv tracker to also look at the original titles in the IMDB database, and if this one is not the same as the title, be able to display the orignal titles instead of the english one ? we could have a setting asking to chose between original titles or not if this one is different.
I don't really care about the poster and the language of the description, all I need to is be allowed to keep my original title on the fil. I don't really want to separate my movies into different sources, I have so many different countries...