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Full Version: I can't exit KORE mobile app after new update
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Today I updated KORE remote and can't exit application by pressing back button. I have to go in task manager and close application from there.
Same here on Android 8.0 .
Thanks for the heads up. It has been fixed and should be available in the next update.
(2018-07-20, 17:27)syncd Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the heads up.
Just wondering... What's the status/situation on translations for the Kore App? Are they now handled via Transifex or still via Github (not my favorite..)?
Coz I saw a number of untranslated text strings in the Settings section of the app in my language. Smile
@Klojum It's "undefined"...

Informally they are handled via github - i usually just accept any PR that has translations and that merges cleanly.

At the beginning we tried to use the same process as Kodi (in Transifex), but Attila couldn't do it at the time and it kind of got forgotten. I'll talk try to restart it.
Same here, phone's back button stopped working i Kore 2.4.4 on Android 8 / OnePlus 5T. Can't go back anywhere.

Is there a plan for the next release with the correction?

BTW -MEGA thanks guys for your work with Kore! It has really made me enjoying my video archive!

There may be a new version of the error has occurred, which interrupted the update process, causing the new version to fail
Is the new version out already ? I still have the same problem and no updates are available from google play.
Not yet, but we'll update it soon. If you can install an apk directly, you can grab a fixed version from mirrors.kodi.tv