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Full Version: wallpapers per video source
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I've installed Horizon (on an LibreElec install) and I have a (weird) situation setting a wallpaper for a source.
I have 5 different sources (movies, kids, series etc) and want to set a custom wallpaper per item.
When I select 1 wallpaper in the custom menu editor I cannot browse my NAS (with NFS shares).
How can I achieve such thing, since it have worked for me on an previous HTPC build.

I'm running everything on a intel NUC, and if I recall it correctly I exported my previous install from a RPi3.
It worked on my RPi, hence the fact I have a Wallpaper folder on my NAS. However on my new build if I restore a old backup it works (shows wallpapers from NAS) but I cannot change the wallpaper.
And when I create a new source I can only browse local files.

Any help is much appreciated.