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Full Version: Can't edit my new thread XONE 2.0
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Please, if someone can help. l was open new thread in WIP Skins Beta XONE 2.0
So i dont have option to edit my thread, all what l have is Reply,Quote,Report.
Registracion l was do properly, even i can't send private message to others members of forum.

Thanks in advance
Hello @senna9922

There is a minimum post and membership age requirement.

You have been a member long enough to satisfy the age requirement, but you need 10 or more posts to gain access to those functions.

Once you gain access, editing a post seems to catch a lot of members out as the Edit options are very discrete and easily missed. See image...
Thanks a lot Karellen

l didn't know for this rule, but is there a way to access to my old account senna99
my yahoo account is dead and i can't use gmail to refresh password, because my account is on yahoo for kodi.

Did you receive my PM?
l have sent to you private message
Thanks, I have just seen it.

I have updated senna99 with your new email address. Can you try resetting the password and logging in.

Once you log in, post here using the senna99 account and I will then close the senna9922 account.

Any problems, let me know here or by PM if it involves personal information.
All is ok, thanks a lot.

Great. I have closed the senna9922 account.

I have transferred the XONE thread into senna99 so you are now able to edit the first post as needed. I couldn't transfer the other two or three replies you made from senna9922, so it might be wise to make a post in that thread stating that you are still around and you swapped accounts, just in case they read the Closed Account status on the replies and do not look at the first post.
I am very grateful for your help, from now i will take care more about my account.
You are welcome.

Thread marked solved.