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Full Version: TVheadend & Kodi Guide & Channel List
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Ive setup a HTPC running Ubuntu 16.04 with a DVBSky S952. Receiving Channels and watching TV or Listening to Radio works perfect. Its just the Guide and Channels under the Guide Option. Listings only seems to work once you've been watching a channel for a few minutes or too. You will also notice that the channels are not the same under Guide like they are under Channels. Would anyone have any ideas what the problem is? It would be nice to have the EPG Channel Guide working in Kodi. I was using Windows Media Center before but of course that also no longer receives EPG Channel Listings. There will be some Screenshots below.

Thank you.

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Anyone have any ideas?
if you are running kodi on the tvheadend backend, make sure you have the correct pvr addon installed in kodi. for ubuntu it should be kodi-pvr-hts and you can load it from a terminal using
sudo apt-get install kodi-pvr-hts

the go into kodi addons and configure the hts addon with the server ip of and make sure the ports and user information is correct.

then go into the tvheadend control panel and make sure you are collecting data on each channel in the configuration/channel-epg/channel.

Thanks for your reply. kodi-pvr-hts is what i have installed. I tested on my Phone and same problem. Channel Listings and Guides are still not correct.



Check under the kodi pvr settings that the guide is set to store in the local database.  That should keep it from having to wait until tvheadend updates.

Once you do that change, if you have a guide in tvheadend's webui epg, then in the kodi pvr settings, go ahead and clear the guide data so it refreshes.

Sometimes I then have to reboot to finally get the guide to show up in kodi.
Hi thanks for your reply. Im kinda getting somewhere but the listings have gone like this now in TVheadend. Its kinda a mess.

If your in the UK and it's for Freesat you need to play the freesat info channel for about 30 seconds and it will pull in the guide for all channels.
Ive disabled the channels that are paid for channels. Tvheadend shows that theres guide but in Kodi theres nothing there what so ever.



Hi. There is no freesat info channel?
I noticed that it takes a few minutes for the EPG to show when booting Kodi.

Are you using the over the air grabber to get the EPG info. Check to see if EPG is showing correctly in tvheadend first.

I had an issue with UK EPG not showing in Kodi even though tvheadend had all the EPG. Seems tvheadend 4.2.6 was causing the issue. Downgrading to 4.2.4 fixed eog showing. Not sure if it relates to your problem but check the tvheadend version.
The freesat info channel will be under radio, it's the last channel on my radio channels using Freesat lineup.

I think I had to downgrade to previous version of the add-on as mentioned above too now thinking about it.

I have since upgraded it again and it still pulls in the guide so might just be the initial pull request not really sure but it worked for me.

How exactly did you downgrade Tvheadend? Im using OTA EPG yep.


Ive downloaded version 4.0.4 and compiled and built. Interesting this the guide is now working problem is tho is that when trying to play a TV channel Kodi Crashes but on a Radio Channel it works.
Just to report back. I believe that EPG is broken in tvheadend with DVB-S2 tuners. I have a Hauppauge Nova T stick and the guide in Kodi is fully populated.