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Full Version: Release 2.9.13
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23.07.2018 - Version 2.9.13
+ improved image caching (you should clear and rebuild your image cache)
+ updated libmediainfo to 18.05
+ added another recognized trailer filename (movie-trailer.*)
+ added {} as valid delimiter in the movie name detection
x fixed importing of watched status from NFO
x tvdb: load poster instead of banner in the search window
x tvdb: fixed sorting of artwork from tvdb (by rating)
x imdb: fixed episode date parsing
x fixed displaying of the clear trakt button
x fixed cleanup in the renamer #333
x added logo for not rated
x improved season and episode detection
x corrected app version display on macOS
x fixed some smaller issues on actor image handling
x removed the zelluloid.de scraper (this service has been shut down)
Great work, thx.
Quote:+ updated libmediainfo to 18.05 + added another recognized trailer filename (movie-trailer.*)
I searched and didn't found an option for this naming, guessing that's meaning just support in recognizing this pattern at the moment?
Also, I already talked about it in previous thread. But, there's is a big issue with trailers sometimes not downloading/downloading bad files. I know it's related to the source and not you but what ends up happening is that since i have to NOT scrape in kodi for trailers, I end up not having trailer for the movie at all cause it thinks there's a local file (bad source is written in nfo) AND/OR also phyisical copy of basically an empty file.

So, my thoughts for an easy temp solution is checking the source file/downloaded is at least a reasonable size (say >1MB or more).
Second, add option to download trailer BUT not write the source in nfo. Then my modded skin that checks for listitem.trailer won't get anything when source has failed download, and is not written in nfo (and of course not scraped), and thus will search online (youtube for ex.).
That will be a good fail-safe, cause for now i need to fix it manually
trailer download works if you don't choose youtube as source..
youtube protects their trailer even more, so we are more and more unable to decrypt the true urls..

If I get some more spare time, I will think about the future of the youtube trailer downloader...
As it is about trailers in this thread, I'm going to put my question here:
I've got movies with trailers downloaded by tinymediamanager. I wondered why Yatse doesn't display the trailer and found that the NFO contains a trailer entry with a YouTube link  although the trailer is locally available!? 
Doesn't TMM change the NFO once it has downloaded the trailer? 
Is there a way to update the NFOs of movies with downloaded trailers afterwards?
Kodi always looks for a trailer FILE.
Only if that is missing, it will parse the NFO.
So you can treat the values we write there as fallback.
Since the trailer has a dedicated naming scheme, there is simply no need to put that into nfo....
Strange  so I don't know why Yatse isn't seeing the trailer?