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Full Version: unable to launch win10 apps while using launcher4kodi
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I'm searching for days now and i can't figure it out myself, so here i am.

I'm using kodi 17.6 running on a win10 based dedicated htpc, using launcher4kodi shell to speedup the boot and preserve the system to run unnecessary stuff. that's works pretty well Smile

I finally managed to launch win10 apps like Netflix or deezer directly from Kodi using advanced launcher and .bat files, but it only works with the windows shell, if i try to launch the app using de launcher4 kodi shell i get an error message saying something about "unregistered class".

I know we can charge external apps and services using launcher4kodi but i got no clue what service i must launch in order to use win10 apps like netflix without launching the windows shell, or if it's even possible.

Any idea?