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Full Version: OTG Hubs for LG Stylo 3
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I want to use my LG Stylo 3 smartphone as a media streamer/server that will run pretty much 27/7. I need to hook up BT keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, MICRO SDXC , HDMI, and a portable 2TB HDD. I also need pass through charging since it will be streaming all the time. We are disabled and home all the time, so we always have music or TV streaming. Can anyone recommend a good hub that can run that long with out catching on fire? I was looking at the https://en.j5create.com/products/jca374 but they don't know if it is compatible with the phone.

Disabled vets don't make a lot. I don't need anything fancy, Once it is setup, it won't move much. Just trying to find something a little better than the Fire TV 4k that I can install the apps I want easier. 

Thanks in advance.

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