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Full Version: Logitech Air Mouse is the the best remote for XBMC in my opinion
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There are a few things IMHO that are bad with the air, they are:
#1 It have no point of origin, meaning the cursor isn't were you aim but rather move how you move, this makes you able to aim for a wall and not the TV will make the same action.
#2 For XBMC it's not mappable, it's a mouse
#3 it's expensive.

I think WiiRemote is a better version of it and for the same price you can get 3 wiiremotes, or one and buy a programmer to make a eventclient for it, but it looks good I give it that Smile

Though the keyboard is kindof neat, little to expensive aswell.
Why need to map anything when you have the mouse to click Smile

I actually went and bought both products and in the process of building a HTPC and have XBMC on it ... I will let you know how it go .
Screw the air.. I know what you need


It has the pointing functionality of the air. Its half the cost and its actually a remote!

I have one and trust me its amazing. It can even learn the Ir codes of your stereos, av recievers and stuff.. One remote to rule them all!!
I purchased the diNovo Mini Keyboard almost as soon as it came out at Amazon for $99. I was using it for MediaPortal but when I made the transition to XBMC a few weeks ago, I used the mini as well. It turns out the Mini works absolutely great with XBMC. I highly recommend it.