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Full Version: tvheadend addon doesn't work on fire tv
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Hi, Just joined the forum, so apologies if I do something wrong.

I have tvheadend installed on a Linux box (openSUSE Leap 15.0 with a TBS6205 card) and both the backend and the web frontend work on that box and I can play recorded or live TV programmes using VLC or similar. So I'm fairly convinced the backend is working at least to a first approximation.

I also have a FireTV (2nd generation, recently purchased) connected to my TV. It works, again to a first aproximation. I have installed Kodi on it from the addon library (V17.6) and I can use Kodi to access content on the Linux box via NFS shares. So I export a directory of photos from the Linux box and can look at them on my TV. I also export tvheadend's directory of recorded TV programmes and I can watch those on my TV via Kodi and the FireTV.

But I can't access any other features of tvheadend from Kodi. I've enabled the tvheadend HTSP addon but I can't seem to get past the configuration screen, and the Run icon is greyed out. Every now and then a message pops up saying something like HTSP is unreachable or somesuch. I don't see any relevant messages from tvheadend on the Linux box. I'm not really sure what logging there is on the FireTV; I find the whole interface a bit confusing.

Any suggestions as to how to get Kodi talking to tvheadend would be very useful.
Just to say that I've solved this. It was a firewall screw-up on the linux box.