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Full Version: Boxee Hacks 1.6.0 for Kodi
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I'm trying to run Kodi with my Boxee since I heard that it's wonderful. I read that I need Boxee Hacks 1.6.0 to run the latest Kodi. The main Boxee Hacks GitHub has only 1.4.6. The Boxee Hacks 1.6.0 seems to be hosted on boxeed.in, but the domain is gone.

Anyone who runs Kodi and happens to have Boxee Hacks 1.6.0 or knows where to get it?

OK. I played around a little bit and found that I can run Kodi with Boxee Hacks 1.4.6. It just doesn't come up automatically.
Now that's what I call perseverance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxee but I would suggest the new Kodi is something you shouldn't miss.