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Full Version: F1TV Kodi Addon
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Hi everybody,

Today I want to present you my first KODI plugin project: A Video Addon for the official F1TV streaming service.

Please note: This is really, _really_ early beta status - expect bugs.

Also note: You will need a F1TV subscription for the plugin to work!

I would be happy for any feedback and bug reports.
Currently, not even verbose logging is activated extensively. 

In case you have ANY issue, please provide me with:
- Type of Subscription (TV Access / TV Pro)
- Country of Subscription
- What did you do?
- What was the result?
- What is the expected result?

So for now: Happy Testing!!!

Will there be live feed url integration?
Right now I‘m not yet sure how the LiveStream will be outputted by the API.
In theory it should just work for live streams, but we will know at FP1 in Spa at earliestWink
Thank you for this was hoping someone would get f1tv for kodi.

The only issues I have found so far is that i get an error when trying to access the 2010 & older seasons. 2011-2018 all work OK & the video's i have attempted to play from 11-18 have all worked fairly well. However i have noticed that on some i do not get all of the audio options which should be available, On the 2011 italian gp for instance the english commentary track does not seem to be available while it in via a web browser.

i have an access subscription in the UK & am using Kodi 18 beta 3 on Windows 7. I also tried it on Kodi 17.3 on an android box via LibreElec & it was the same.
OK - I updated the plugin to fix the issue with the pre-2011 races - sorry about that.

I also changed the way the seasons are presented - I now use the official name that is being transmitted by the API.

Regarding the Audio tracks:
I can see the same issue here, but I'm not yet 100% sure whats happening. The server returns some m3u that is being played by kodi.
Unfortunately it does not deliver the english audio track in some cases - mainly in past races.

I will further investigate this issue in the coming days.

For now - please test beta 0.0.3 for checking on pre 2011 races Wink
Thanks for the quick update.

From my quick test a bit ago all the seasons seem to be working & all the races that are currently available seem to play OK.

With regards to the audio, I have a feeling that may be something wrong with how it sends what tracks are available on there end given how audio tracks not showing up on the official website/player has been a complaint for a while now.

So far though even in this early phase this addon works well, I'll definitely be using this to watch stuff rather than the website so big thanks for making it Cool
(2018-08-10, 23:33)bbsan2k Wrote: [ -> ]Right now I‘m not yet sure how the LiveStream will be outputted by the API.
In theory it should just work for live streams, but we will know at FP1 in Spa at earliestWink

Another update....
The Audio Streams are now working Wink
Feel free to try!
on github is not the new version ?
It‘s in the releases section and not yet merged into master
Where I found the release section?
(2018-08-19, 13:07)WHamilton Wrote: [ -> ]Where I found the release section?

Is there a chance to make a kodi 16 Version for one of my old device ?
Hi there, first of all thank you for your addon. The archiv works good.
But the live streams doesn't. Is there a chance to add the live streams as well?
And can you add a feature to change the resolution of the streams?
thanks for the addon,
but F1 change something, the full streams belgian gp p1 and p2 wont start, the highlights works , if you try to access the master m3u8 over streamlink or browser i became 403 forbidden. :-(
Maybe we need the actuelly token from the login to access the m3u8.
  F1TV Pro , Germany

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