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Full Version: Using a VPN- Merging Thread
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Much as many of us dislike geolocking, supporting people to overcome it isn't something we allow here. It's too much of a legal grey area.
Kodi doesn`t required any vpn, until or unless you want torrent addons such as qausar in USA.
Hi, Chris

Use this step by step guide to setup [ mod edited] on Kodi [ mod edited]
try asking their support. see if they can help?
(2017-03-20, 12:56)ZGold Wrote: [ -> ]try asking their support. see if they can help?
Are you trying to get to 10 posts so you can pm by any chance?
Thread moved to off-topic, as this has nothing directly to do with Kodi or anything we actively support here.
(2016-11-15, 12:26)chrisjohnson Wrote: [ -> ]i just got the subscription of [ mod edited] but i don't know how to setup it on kodi tv.. can anyone please guide me ?

If you need to use your VPN, I guess this guide to setup vpn on Kodi would definitely help you out. Check this guide: link removed
That guide refers to banned add-on (wiki) sites that we want absolutely nothing to do with and which violates our forum rules (wiki).

So reference to it is not allowed here.
my apologize did not know about this, was just to help the OP.
I have a Firestick with Kodi 17.3. I have checked out all the tutorials on how to configure the 'stick' for use with my VPN (PIA). I have downloaded the latest version of OpenVPN & OpenElec. When I select OpenVPN, I get a msg. that says 'for console only'. When I select OpenElec, I get a menu with 3 entries. The first entry is "Setup VPN Provider". When I select it, I get "Setup Private Internet Access". When I select that, I get an 'OpenElec error' msg. If I select the 2nd entry ("Configure VPN Provider"), I get "Disconnect from VPN" in red (which I am not connected to. I have tried to install the "unofficial" version of OpenElec, but it says no connection available.

What is the latest way to install my VPN in Kodi on the Firestick?
It is understandable that many people would like to use a VPN for various reasons. Kodi does not need a VPN to operate. As a consequence, any issue you have while you are using the VPN is outside the scope of Team-Kodi support.

Your thread will be moved to the Off-Topic forum, where other members may choose to assist you.

As you are probably paying for the VPN service, I would suggest contacting their help desk.
Well I found this link removed when I had to configure a vpn on my kodi and it did helped me mostly. Follow the procedure only. I was able to do it in minutes.
Same applies - that site also promotes 3rd party banned addons (wiki) that violate our piracy policy (wiki).

If this happens again in this thread it will be closed.
Notice to Members

Kodi does not require a VPN to function. If you choose to use a VPN, then that is a 3rd party modification and outside the scope of this forum.

You will need to contact the paid support desk of your VPN provider for assistance.

Read the VPN Policy for further information... Official:VPN_policy (wiki)
Hello everyone !!!

I am new to Kodi but for what i read it is better to install Kodi and a VPN, firewall or something, myself i like security a lot and already had a paid VPN in the past but now i am not paying for it anymore until some more days, my idea is to use my browsers VPN, which is free in the meantime i pay for mine, with Kodi (dont know if in my browser or something), can this be done?
Thank you.
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