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Full Version: Using a VPN- Merging Thread
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We don't support VPNs here.

Thread moved to off topic.
 I've been using kodi for several years now and love it. I finally decided to convert my dvd's and make my own video library. I bought a NAS and set it up with mhPHPadmin to setup an SQL to access through kodi. Got it all up and running and couldn't be happier except.....now, if I turn my VPN (IPVanish) kodi won't work until i turn it off. Help! 

Android G-Box2 
Kodi and VPN have been working fine, I believe it has to do with either a Kodi setting (something about kodi trying to access NAS but NAS  doesn't recognize the G-box IP anymore?) or the advancedsetting .sql file is not correct?


A VPN is a 3rd party modification outside the scope of this forum. You do not need a VPN to use Kodi, especially when accessing local media. We are unable to assist you.

I suggest you contact the Help Desk of your VPN Provider.

What if your ISP blocking some addons or links to run on kodi. Most of kodi users suggesting to use vpn with kodi
(2018-08-05, 14:16)Isabel Gerber Wrote: [ -> ]What if your ISP blocking some addons or links to run on kodi.
Then that's tough luck.

(2018-08-05, 14:16)Isabel Gerber Wrote: [ -> ]Most of kodi users suggesting to use vpn with kodi
We all know what a VPN can do, and why people use it.
i have a paid vpn just wondering if i really need it with kodi or other apps i heard you need a vpn to download and watch streams and so isp dont know what your up too. is there anyone who hasnt used a vpn without precussions
You only need vpn if you plan to do illegal stuff

Not 100% correct. We recognise that there are legitimate uses for a VPN, but the use of them is outside the scope of this forum, and Kodi works perfectly well without one. We see it as a 3rd party modification.

As most people will be paying for that service, then they will need to contact the paid support services of the VPN provider for assistance.
(2017-01-22, 18:51)GarDogTV Wrote: [ -> ]Does *bleep* work for Kodi?

If so, is it any good?

What VPN do you recommend?
 I think *MOD-EDIT* is an excellent choice to start with.

No advertising of VPNs on this forum.
(2018-08-29, 07:42)Soion Wrote: [ -> ]I think...
I think you should read the forum rules (wiki) of this forum you just registered to more closely.
This is not a place for VPN advertising. VPN is not essential for Kodi to run.
Thread moved to off topic

I try to use the Kore remote control, but i must disable the computer's VPN, otherwise the connection is lost. But a VPN is also activated on my phone and it doesn't give me any problem.

Please read our VPN policy (wiki)
So...does it means that the blocking of any connection to my phone if i'm using a VPN on my computer is deliberated ?
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