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Full Version: Using a VPN- Merging Thread
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Hi, I am trying to setup KODI on the XBox One and struggling to find a way to setup a VPN.
Some VPN providers offer to setup the connection through the proxy server settings.

Is this the way to configure a VPN on the XBox: "System > Internet Access > Use proxy" and then all content is being loaded through it?

Kodi does not need VPN to function. Please familiarize yourself with Kodi's VPN policy (wiki).

Sorry, but we provide no support for VPN use. Kodi works perfectly well without one, and your use of one is a 3rd party modification. You should seek assistance from your vpn provider.

Your thread will be moved to the Off-topic forum shortly.
VPN's are considered piracy now? Since when?
I've split off your post as per Kodi's VPN policy (wiki) and forum rules (wiki).

Perhaps a reminder of the VPN policy summary will help?
Team Kodi do not support, or recommend VPNs, and Kodi does not need one for its designed operation. The forums have not to be used for the discussion or promotion of VPNs for the purposes of bypassing geo-locking or accessing unlawful material. Any more generic discussions not in violation of the policy will be moved to the off-topic section, but will remain open for replies".
@Nostrodamus - No, they're considered something that Kodi generally does not need to operate.

Also our stance is that we do not support anything which is used to overcome geolocking or other measures that official content providers may chose to implement on their media (whether we personally agree with that policy or not).

VPN usage tends to come in three categories:

1) people using cheap/free VPNs for purposes of trying to hide access to dodgy sites or overcoming geolocking - neither are supported.
2) people using paid-for services for legitimate reasons - if you're paying to a service then you're paying for support to get it to work, so unless Kodi also doesn't work without the VPN then we're not the source of the issue.
3) people using home (or possibly work) VPN servers to reach back to their own home networks - generally if you're savvy enough to do that then should also be savvy enough to fix issues with it, and where problems arise this place isn't usually the appropriate place to get them resolved - you're better off with a board dedicated to whichever VPN server you're using.

It is entirely correct that there are legitimate uses for VPNs, but almost none of them directly relate to legitimate usage for Kodi nor come under our umbrella to support as Kodi does not need them.
I have set up Privateinternetaccess using openvpn on my Raspberry PI3+ running Kodi Krypton via Libreelec.

Everything sets up fine and I can connect to whichever country I like and the status shows I am indeed connected to that location and displays the correct IP address.

However, when I try to change the Country I get the message "A VPN hasn't been set up yet. Would you like to run the setup wizard or go to the settings."

Any help appreciated.
(2019-01-26, 12:27)Gdauphin Wrote: [ -> ]I have set up Privateinternetaccess using openvpn
Please take notice of the VPN policy (wiki) on this forum.
What does this have to do with Kodi? We're not an OpenVPN support forum - that's here.
Ok, as this is a Kodi addon I assumed it would be ok. Will try the other forum, maybe they will be friendlier.
There is a LibreElec add-on, but there certainly is no Kodi add-on (from our official repo).

You can get support for it at their forum (forum.libreelec.tv).

As noted in the VPN Policy (wiki), we don't support them here.
I've rarely used VPN with Kodi, but I could have sworn that the last time I tried it, I downloaded it from the official Kodi repository. Or more accurately XBMC, as it was known then.

For the record, I wasn't advocating piracy of any kind, as I'm well aware of what the policy is here regarding that sort of thing. Admittedly though, it's frustrating that the corporatists keep moving the damn goal posts as to what THEY are considering "piracy". I've been around since the "Frodo" days, so I can remember when you could get fully functional addons for Hulu & iHeart Radio from the official repository, for example. Neither of which exist anymore, apparently due to all that DRM nonsense, so hopefully (like Netflix) that can change in the future?
I don't recall there ever being them in the official repo, but I don't go back as far as you do so it may be before my time.

There are some in other forks official repos (e.g. LibreElec) which may be what you're thinking of?

VPNs are certainly not piracy, although from what we see here the majority of their actual usage that we get questions on are in that area (either geolock by-passing or to try and hide usage of other addons which are piracy related). Hence why threads asking about it end up here in off-topic rather than in the bin, except of course where the usage is clearly against the piracy policy (wiki) or banned addons (wiki) are involved.

It can be a bit of a fine line I admit, which is why the VPN Policy (wiki) was prepared to try and make it clearer and more defined for everyone (including team members at times).

With the new DRM support upcoming in Leia there certainly is more opportunity for "official" addons if the providers want to get on board, or also I guess for unofficial ones using encoded streams. But of course that needs them to meet us half-way (at least for the first case) which sadly seems to be the opposite of how providers are going in the increasingly fragmented and fractured market where they want absolute control over everything limited to their own custom player apps or sites.
(2019-02-06, 19:35)adejasper Wrote: [ -> ]Setting up your kodi is very easy. A you need do is follow simple steps and you are done.
To configure your Kodi, here are the simple steps to set up XXXXXXX
Is it so hard to read the bleeding thread before you post your tripe?  You spoil it for everyone.
(2019-02-06, 19:35)adejasper Wrote: [ -> ]Setting up your kodi is very easy.
It's also very easy to kick a user off this forum for stepping over the boundaries of the forum rules (wiki).
The Kodi forum is not a place for (obfuscated) advertisements.

Don't try another attempt, or it's "end-of-story" for your forum account.
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