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Full Version: Using a VPN- Merging Thread
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I've installed VPN Manager add-on and Netflix add-on.
The connection to a us server is OK. the connection to netflix is ok (i receive a email notification).
But clicking on "Netflix", there is a error message.
Could you please help me ?
well, I updates the add-on and now there is no error any more. But if i go in the news sections, and click on a movie, nothing happens , the movie doesn't open !!!
Could you please help me ?
Does it work without VPN?
ok sorry for that.
thanks and See you
Hello Klojum,
Yes it works without VPN.
But if I connect with VPN on US server, it doesn't work anymore.
on my phone android : vpn + us server + netflix = OK
on my ubuntu : VPN (us server) + firefox (it asks me to activate DRM) + netflix = OK

On Kodi, isn't it a problem of input stream, widevine or DRM ?
(2019-03-06, 02:22)BEF33 Wrote: [ -> ]Yes it works without VPN.
But if I connect with VPN on US server, it doesn't work anymore.
Then it's not Kodi's problem.
I think about it... I've got a modem-router --> asus ac88u router  --> kodi. I don't know if using double NAT is a problem Huh
I noticed that the search function didn't worked...
REFERENCE POST #2 https://kodi.wiki/view/Official:VPN_policy

If you have other problems like 'search' please start a new post in the proper forum indicating the issue and include a proper debug log.

The subtitles downloader addon (opensubtitles and subcene etc) is not working for me due to the website is blocked by my country,
so what can I do?

Only way I am able to access the subtitles site is to use a VPN etc..
but this is not as good/easy as downloading it via kodi.

Is there a way to implement VPN or some other solution so that kodi subtitle addon can download the subtitles?
Sorry @madmax2

We do not provide support for VPN's. That is a 3rd party modification that we don't involve ourselves in... Official:VPN_policy (wiki)
I personally used VPN with kodi for securing my activity for safe streaming. If you're using VPN for Kodi for security purpose then it is right approach. If you want to unblock geo-blocked content so its a wrong approach.
Other than that you can find the removed from here as per speed test it is because VPN slows down your speed and then you may have buffering issues.
Please do not post such spammy links, or we might think you're a spammer and deal with you accordingly.

Consider this a friendly warning.

Thread moved to off-topic. See our VPN policy (wiki) for more details.
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