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Full Version: OnTime
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Where can I find your repo? Am using Leila on Xbox so will have to wait to use it as simple client vanished on the last update to alpha 4 but interested in trying this out
Got your repo, is the addon still available?
Hi Lunatixz,

I was searching an addon like OnTime. I installed it from your repository, added pvr:// to video places and configured so that it should launch TF1 every day at time. But nothing starts when the time is coming. Is there a problem on KODI 18 Leia maybe ?

Also, it would be more easy to be able to configure days of the week (Checkboxes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and Sunday) and a occuring frequence (Every X Week) and an hour.
I think it would be also a great idea to set an optional stop time (after X minutes)

Thank you for your work on this addon. It's a pitty that such feature is not natively supported in KODI.
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