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Hey there,
i wanted to ask, if it´s possible to translate the Wiki Page into german?
Since it doesn´t appear in the menu i would like to help.

Cheers Zeromix
We really appreciate your willingness in doing Wiki pages, but perhaps you need to be informed of the huge number of pages that are actually available in Kodi's wiki. Which would make it a monumental task for one person. Do you have previous wiki editing experience?

Also, a Wiki is basically a never-ending story. Especially for a computer application that is constantly developed, the amount of documentation is daunting. And yes, Kodi too could use help in the Wiki department as far as the default English language is concerned.

So... If you still want to make a start in German, you could try translate some of the Quick Start guides ("First time user" and so on).
I'm not sure yet what the best wiki page naming is for foreign languages, I'll ask within the team for some advice. You could create your own personal/temporary versions first.
I really want to do this and I know how much work this is. I can't translate the whole wiki by myself but I hope that I can find other people who would join to help me.
Also i can translate some quick start guides. That might be a good start for this projekt.
Should i send this via PM or what should I do?
Sorry, I guess I lost track a bit of this thread. *cough*

Do you already have a Kodi wiki account?
Your low forum post count does not allow you (yet) to post PMs. It's an anti-spam thing.
But it may be possible to circumvent that. I'll contact the team 'tomorrow'.
Otherwise, perhaps we can meet via IRC, in #kodi. We can exchange account details there.

Right now, it's time to hit the hay for me at 00:40am.
I don´t have a Kodi Wiki account yet, but i can create one, shouldn´t be a problem.
So i created an WIKI account now and got my password etc.

But how do i translate a page now?
The only option which is there, is to edit the page, which is definatly wrong.

best regards

Thanks for your interest in translating the wiki.

At this time it isn't possible to translate the wiki because that will need an additional extension to be installed. Installing additional extensions isn't generally a problem for the current wiki version we use. If that extension will get outdated or become unsupported, we have to drop it if we want to update the wiki. That would also mean we have to drop the work others (you) have done to translate the pages.

The other reason we don't want that is, that the current wiki is already outdated at some places and we need to update those english written pages first. That's already hard to achieve with the current users we have. You, as a single person, won't get it managed to keep the thousands of pages updated.

We appreciate your enthusiasm to help on translating the wiki. But if you want to help us, we would prefere to keep the existing pages updated and we won't install additional extensions at the current wiki.