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Full Version: Flirc with Harmony 350
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I have a new Windows 10 htpc that i built and it's using the usb Flirc V2.   I have two issues that i cannot overcome. 

I have mapped the full keyboard Wake button to the power on button of the Harmony 350.
It will not bring the PC out of standby.  With a mouse and keyboard plugged in on the other usb ports it wakes straight away.  So usb is enbaled to wake.  I've also prevented hibernation so PC is only in sleep mode.

My question is why then won't the remote wake  the pc from sleep?
Delete the wake key that you registered, any key that is paired should wake it up now, does that work?
Hi jason,

Sorry to hijack a post, but I have exactly the same problem, same remote. I want the Flirc to wake my Chromebox with the remote power key only. Is that possible, and if so, how? Thanks.