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Full Version: Kodi autoupdated and I lost everything
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Hi all!
I had 17.6 on my Windows 10 box, and had everything working great! Skin, plugins, repository, libraries, etc.

Then I installed v18 on my XBOX. Somehow, even though i'm not logged into my Microsoft account, my Windows 10 box auto-updated to v18, and everything is gone. I tried reinstalling 17.6, but it is also blank.

Is there any way to import the settings and addons from somewhere?
A few points, any version of Kodi 18 would be either beta or alpha, updates to these versions are a work in progress (Although I haven't had an issue).

Prior to an update, it's always good to export your library (I use separate files, then all the meta-data is kept inside each movie folder, leaving a local scrape pretty quick if needed) and of course you could use the export to single file and then import into your new install. Helpful to understand that the main Kodi files are kept in two locations (excluding system library dependancies ), the initial installation and the roaming folder. These locations are dependant on Windows UWP or just the Kodi version available from this forum links top left of the page. This link should help Userdata (wiki) A simple copying out the Kodi roaming folder could suffice as your back-up.

I keep most of my Kodi installations as portable installs, which allows me to have more than one and copying of the entire Kodi folder as a back-up is easy. (with portable mode it's all in the one portable folder https://kodi.wiki/view/Windows_FAQ#Portable ).

Re-installation with a non portable version would be installing Kodi from scratch ensuring it's operation is correct (and all needded libraries copied well), closing down the program, then substituting the back-up roaming folder manually should put you back in business with all your orginal settings and listings.
I must have installed it from the windows store. All the info is helpful, but i didnt intentionally kick off any upgrade. It upgraded on its own, and i don't know how t ore-import all my data, assuming it's lurking somewhere and wasn't wiped out.
I’m not exactly sure how Windows store stuff works but I do know the folders for Userdata is version specific so if you’re lucky the Userdata folder for 17.6 may still be there, see https://kodi.wiki/view/Userdata for Windows UWP and see if under Packages if there is more than one folder beginning XBMCFoundation.Kodi
Actually ignore that, it seems userdata for UWP is always in same location only install folder changes.

Maybe somehow it’s switches to Store version from normal desktop version, in which case Userdata could be under the Roaming folder location.
Same problem: updated from Kodi 17.6 with working profile in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalCache\Roaming\Kodi\

After upgrade, new Kodi 18.0 doesn't read profile configuration and start with a skratch new configuration.
The upgrade has been via Microsoft store.

For some reason it looks like Kodi 18.0 looks some where else for profile configuration.

Any sudgestion ?
Same as you guys.

I have the windows store version installed on all my computers, and noticed just earlier today that my laptop Kodi had updated, and now starts as if I never used Kodi. I really don't want this happening to my desktop version,which has everything set "just right".

Is there a way to use a BACKUP add-on to import everything back after updating maybe ?

Things are already being looked into here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=339891
It's best to keep things in one place, and not scatter the posts on this all over the forum.
Thanks a lot for information: problem solved.
Thanks, problem solved, i.e. deleted UWP Kodi and installed non-dysfunctional, standard 64bit binaries for Windows.
I had the same problem. I did have a current backup created by the Backup Add-On. I deleted the version of KODI updated by the Microsoft Store. Then I Googled and downloaded KODI 17.6 and KODI 18.0 from the KODI download web site. I installed the 17.6 version and installed the Backup Add-On. I pointed Backup to the backup file I had then restored it. Now I'm back up and working. Now I installed 18.0 using the downloaded install file. KODI updated without losing and data. I did have to update some Add-On's. I learned not to get software from the Microsoft Store. For grins I mirrored this procedure on a test pc but after installing 18.0 I did a backup using the Back up Add-On, deleted the KODI app completely, Installed 18.0 from the Microsoft Store and restored from the backup. It worked until release 19.0 comes out. I'm sticking with the downloads from KODI. Good Luck to All