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Full Version: update to last version 18 without losing configuration
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Hi, i have 18 leia (not sure the build) and i wanna update to last version keeping the configuration of it,  to avoid to configure network and viewed movies marked, is possible?
Is in a Shield TV with android 7.
Thanks a lot
If you have Kodi 17 installed, install the Kodi Android Installer, where you can select the available downloads for your Android device. It's available for download via the Kodi repository.
I have v18 of Kodi, because some problems with v17 on my media player.
Anyway, you mean that i can choice beta releases from v17 installer?, will be great if is possible.
Thanks a lot
(2018-08-18, 19:27)marcelg Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, you mean that i can choice beta releases from v17 installer?
You'd know the answer to that if you'd visited the link I gave you and watched the slide show go by. Smile
I will try it, i suppose that i can do it from kodi itself addons!
Thanks a lot
Done , it works, but now it says on getting the files info always an error on music video files, unable to connect to remote server, any fix for it?