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Full Version: Raspberry Pi 3 - adding Files to an usb drive via network
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Hello everyone,

I want to add files from a windows 10 pc to an usb drive,which is connectet to the pi, via my network.
I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 with retropie and kodi on it.
I can find the pi in my network and can find the files which are on the sd-card. Can't find the "usb0" drive.

Anyone knows a solution?
I have a networkadress too, there I can find the retropie and all the video files which are on the usb drive. I can download them but can't copy/paste my files in there..
Your question is not Kodi related. Please post your questions on the apropriate places, like the RetroPie forum.
Thread moved to the Off-topic forum section.