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Full Version: Supported Models
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Referencing this link:


HDHR4-2DT (coming soon). However it has been coming soon since the add-on was first released. Is there any update on when this will be supported?

It's awesome being able to install the hdhomerun app on my phone and connect directly yet with Kodi I need a backend (In Australia so I need that model mentioned above). Just seems so backwards. Would love to be able to cut away the backend and just use the HDHomeRun.
That model has been working ever since i bought one a couple years back with the built in pvr.hdhomerun plugin.

Im in AU as well for reference.
Ahhh awesome. I can’t test as I don’t have that model (have an older one). Wanted to make sure it worked before going and buying a new one. Are you able to record as well?
I don't subscribe to the silicon dust DVR service. This add-on doesn't support it either. Djp has an add-on over at the SD forums that fully supports the DVR service if you intend to use that.

If you want free recording, have to go with one of the backends like myth or tvheadend
Thank you.

Seems a bit ridiculous to charge recording as a “premium” service. Even though the price is nothing it’s the principal for me. I’ll just stick to mythtv for now.