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Full Version: Kodi Remote with Leia shows only artists which have added pictures and info
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I use latest Kodi Remote on iOS 11.4.1 (iPhone) and starting with Leia Alpha3, and now also with Beta1, Remote in music section shows only artists which have added pictures and info. Other artists are not shown on interface and are not counted (counter on top of the page). But they are generally known - there is no problem to find albums by the artist not shown on "Artists" page. These artists are only not shown&counted.

I've tried Yatse on Android and it shows & counts correctly all artists.
I've found that the same problem is on web interface, at leas with default Chorus 2 engine. Sadly changing engine to other, good one, doesn't help so root reason is somewhere else.
The bug was found and has been fixed - seeĀ 14710 (PR). It's planned for 18.0 beta 5.
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Thanks for your help and support, it's really fixed in 18.0 beta5 :-)