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Full Version: Take screenshot with Kore?
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Am I missing something, or is there no button to take a screenshot within Kore?

And if not: Can anyone tell me how to remap the keys, so to setup for example the Pictures-button at the bottom bar to take a screenshot instead of taking me to the actual Pictures-menu? I've tried using the Keymap-editor addon, but whenever I try to set a new screenshot button and press the Pictures-button within Kore, I'm just taken to the Pictures-menu instead of actually remapping that button.
You're note missing anything, there's no button to take a screenshot (i'm not even sure that it's possible).

And the bottom bar buttons on Kore can't be remapped, they're just direct shortcuts to specific sections on Kodi.
A screenshot is possible via kodi-send, so why not via an api?
Ah, I see. That sucks.

Any chance that there will be the ability to add som extra, configurable buttons sometime in the future?