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Full Version: Widget Relative to Media Source
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Hello Everyone!

I have my library in 2 seperate folders: Animated and NonAnimated.
Both are added to library as "Movies" (directory containts Movies).
I have added 2 menu items/buttons each to show videos in each folder separatly. video library -> sources -> xyz -> create menu item to here -> files view. This works great, if I click on "Animated" menu it only shows movies in Animated folder (and same for NonAnimated).
The problem is when I add widget to display "recently added" or "unwatched" for either the 2 menus.. they show recently added or unwatched for all movies in the database which are Animated and NonAnimated. How can I restrict it to the specific folder?

Smart Playlists. You can have one for only animated tv shows one for animated movies.... then one for non-animated tv / movies.

Its how I do it. You can get very creative with them if you are so inclined.

You point your widgets to the smart playlist & it'll do whatever the playlist is set up to do.

I personally create custom library too, but thats overkill.