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Full Version: new os no pvr addons
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i'm trying out antergo OS. but when i loaded up kodi i don't have any pvr addons. i looked and there isn't the hdhomerun addon in the AUR. anyone know how to install this under a arch system?
On Linux (which includes Arch, and therefore Antergo which is based on Arch), PVR addons must be installed separately from the distro's repositories or built from scratch. Since the AUR does not have a kodi-addon-pvr-hdhomerun, you have two options. First, you can write a PKGBUILD yourself for the addon (use one of the other PVR addons' PKGBUILD as a model) and then use makepkg to build and install it. Or, you can otherwise download the sources and just build it from scratch and manage your install that way.

In either case, the addon has to be built from scratch as Arch (and distros that use its repositories) does not provide pre-built binary addons for Kodi.
(2018-09-03, 20:53)rpcameron Wrote: [ -> ]PKGBUILD

never done this before, but i will give it a go.