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Full Version: Skinning - set selected for current game video filter/stretchmode/rotation
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When the dialogs are open for the game video settings, the tag <selectedcolor> in my container 11 doesn't work.  I'm guessing something in core needs to set that on the current in-use option?  I think it would help users to know what the setting is.

scott s.
I can try to help fix this but I'm not sure what <selectedcolor> does. Can you explain more, maybe with some examples or screenies?
It's to show (highlight) the item that is currently selected not focused. So if you were playing a song from an album that song would have the selected colour when you weren't focused on it.
I've tried digging into GUILib some to understand and it seems like maybe there is a SET_SELECTED method that can be used but I haven't had time to do some more research.

scott s.
@scott967 I finished documenting the game OSD that we're shipping in v18: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=336876

I see what you're saying now. There is no "selected" color. The focused control sets the global setting. The split between "selected" and "focused" is unnecessary overhead that I want to avoid. Do you see value in adding a "selected" color?
When I was coding up my skin to support the game settings, I had some trouble displaying screens when certain options had been selected and were active.   It was hard to remember what I had previously selected.  My idea was when opening the select dialog, I could see by use of <selectedcolor> what option was currently in use (and in this case broken in the skin).  Or for a user, if he/she doesn't like the current mode then when the select dialog gets opened (or user moves up/down in the list of options) it is clear what the current mode is.  That's irrespective of where current focus is.

BTW thanks for the very good documentation.  I'm more skinning and don't have any experience with console games (though I am a flight simmer so have numerous input devices) so understanding some of the details of how retroplayer is used by typical user hasn't been easy for me.

scott s.
(2018-10-26, 21:57)scott967 Wrote: [ -> ]My idea was when opening the select dialog, I could see by use of <selectedcolor> what option was currently in use

You can see what is currently in use via RetroPlayer.VideoFilter, etc.
(2018-10-26, 21:57)scott967 Wrote: [ -> ]That's irrespective of where current focus is.

Nope. I understand that UI design over the last 65 years has trained us to think that "selected" and "focused" are distinct. In my code they are not. The same frame that the gamewindow control's listitem is focused, the value of RetroPlayer.VideoFilter, etc. becomes that value.
@scott967  Did you ever get around to trying RetroPlayer.VideoFilter, etc.?