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Full Version: No movies or tv shows etc.. populating
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Pullling my hair out. i have installed plexbmc (plugin.video.plexbmc-isengard-helper-merge).

and I just cannot get it to display movies, tv shows etc.. from my plex server(remote)

if i go into plexbmx it works fine but i don't get all the home screen content etc...

I even tried added some dummy content to the library in the hope it would kick it into action, soon as I goto "go plex" I only get, channels, queue, add ons, favorites, weather, settings and quit.

Any ideas?
also tried this

- Uninstalling Kodi
- Removing folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi
- Restarting Winsows
- Installing Kodi V17.0
- Installing latest PlexBMC (plugin.video.plexbmc-isengard-helper-merge) from here: https://github.com/Tgxcorporation/plugin.video.plexbmc
- InstallingAmber branch from here: https://github.com/joethepartylion/skin....v17(though i installed the master version the 17 is no longer availble)