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Full Version: TMDB Scraping Wrong Drama
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This show is I Do, I Do (2012)

but when kodi scraps it , it does not show this one instead of it shows a another show named as "I Din't Do It" , Help please ? as for TVDB it scraps it correctly but it don't comes to Library instead of that when u get into TV Shows Title it shows its Info and episodes , Well i like TMDB more then TVDB please help ?

Kodi always scraps "I Din't Do It" Anime Show Instead of The Correct show as shown on top on this topic with Link.

it Scraps this Show https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/44317-sain...uage=en-US , I have copied the whole name of that Drama and renamed every Episode likely E01-E16 so it worked for every Show but this one not. 

Using Kodi V17.6
Strange this show does not scrape, nor is it found as a possible match. It is something that @olympia will need to look at.

The only way I could get it to scrape is to use a Parsing NFO file.

Create a simple text file and name it tvshow.nfo and place it in the folder for the show. Then paste this address in the file and save it... https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/45073?language=en-US

Scrape the show and it should work.

Moved to metadata addons.
bro i solved the problem but there is something wrong with the search of this Drama as you open the page it shows I Do, I Do but when i tried to renter this show then a full name came up as I Do, Do(Korean Name) and after that i copied that and it worked can u please help to fix that ?? although i am able to scrap but its little bit werid that English Name + Korean Name(Original Name) and then it get scrapped and when you search it shows I Do, I Do only on page.
What is the scraper you are using? TMDB or Universal? In your scrape settings, what is the language you have selected for title selection? English, Korean, or Original?

Also, I didn't quite follow your last message. Could you elaborate on the steps you take and what you find wrong?
i am scrapping from TMDB and now the problem is solved , as i mentioned that the drama name is I Do, I Do but had to add Korean Name along with it and it got fixed. Big Grin anyway thnx pal