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Full Version: How to Clean Cache
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Hello guys,
I need to clean cache both on Kodibuntu and Openelec but I am in trouble. I found there was an add-one named ares-wizard but I am a bit confused. I read repo for downloading doesn't work any more and I can't find a url for downloading the zip file.

I ask you:

which is the best and easiest solution for my task?

Thank you
Both OpenELEC and Kodibuntu (April 2019) are no long viable options for running Kodi. I suggest you start upgrading.

(2018-09-09, 16:06)Mr Dan Wrote: [ -> ]which is the best and easiest solution for my task?
Please mind the forum rules (wiki), in particular the part that mentions Kodi's stance on video piracy.
You can clean up your systems fully by renaming/deleting the .xbmc folder and get rid of such add-ons quickly. A restart of XBMC will reinitialize that folder.
Additionaly to the above, such "wizards" are generally not recommended. There are a few of them around, all are 3rd party and nothing to do with team Kodi.

In some cases they have been known to quietly install all sorts of other stuff in the background, some of which is definitely undesirable and that can screw up things even more. This is in addition to all the piracy associations that they also tend to carry and why they're on the banned addon (wiki) list.

This blog post might be worthwhile for you to read on the subject.
Thanks... I did not find the .kodi folder nor the .xbmc on my rasperry...
On the Pi it should be under /storage for both LibreElec and OpenElec. Again note the fact that it's a hidden folder - depending on how you're viewing it you may need to change the settings to make it show.

Also note that both KodiBuntu and OpenElec are dead projects and not actively supported or updated any more. If you're running a Pi then a switch to LibreElec (or OSMC if you want more operating system underneath) is recommended.
If you want to clean with an addon take a look at kcleaner.
(2018-09-11, 16:37)Mr Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks... I did not find the .kodi folder nor the .xbmc on my rasperry...
Perhaps I was mistaken and assumed you have a very old OpenELEC version...

if you are using a SSH connection in a terminal session, the .kodi folder is a hidden one (because the starting dot).
Try typing ls -alfrom /storage in OpenELEC, or via your home folder in KodiBuntu. The .kodi folder should pop up.