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Full Version: Extras Add-on and the .nomedia. file
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I have been using the Extras Add-on on my Raspberry Pi 3 with LibreElec for quite a while now and to get the extras folder to not be scanned as a movie I added blank txt files with the title ".nomedia." as per the wiki.

Now, though, when I use the same Add-on on my Xbox, with the same external hdd I use with my pi, it will scan the Extras folders as movies giving me multiple movie entries of "The Extras (2003)" in my library.

I see no way to edit .xml files of the Xbox Kodi install so is there another way to get it to not include the Extras folder when scanning?


Thanks for the links.  I re-read the above wiki page and think I found the answer.  I presumed the xbox was considered a "windows" system so I added a period at the end of the .nomedia. file.  I will try renaming the files to not include a period at the end and report my findings.
Wouldn't it be easier to add the advancedsettings.xml entries once, rather than renaming all those .nomedia files?
Using google I found this thread; 328224 (thread)

I will give it a shot using the .mp3 file ext method mentioned in the linked thread.
Hmmm, seems you prefer ignoring my links and doing it the hard way. I'll leave you to it.
I am not ignoring your links.  (Even thanked you for them...)  But the information in the wiki is not sufficient.  It does not note that you cannot access the userdata folder on the xbox until you add the home folder as a source (link) and that you cannot copy a xml file in file manager if the extension is .xml (link).  Maybe it would be a good idea to add this information to the wiki.  It seems sorely lacking in Xbox Kodi information.  (The 2tb external hdd issues seems like another good piece of information considering large external drives are becoming the norm.)