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Full Version: make Change language in home.xml
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Hi guys,

I want to be able to change language from main menu to be easy for chosen.

I tried to track where is located but I couldn't find the root of change language!

Can you help me for this.
How often do you need to change the GUI language in Kodi?

Changing the language often also messes up other regional settings. How are you gonna fix that? Also on the home screen?

I want just to be able to select language without touch other parameters in region!
Well, if I go back from my own language to the default English language, then one or two things in the regional settings change, because some things are linked to one another. Maybe it's an old bug, maybe not, because my language does not exist in the Kodi default area. So depending on whatever language change you may want, some regional settings may change along.

I want to change the  available language I will specify it which will no be able to download any extra one. I mean I will show two languages to choose not more