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Full Version: Force Correct Scan
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I had my media library set up on a NAS box, and all was going OK - after renumbering tv show episodes (2x01 say instead of 2.01) my TV data was scanned and episode info available.  today however all that has gone and kodi refuses to scan with tvdb, insisting on using the movie database and consequently obtaining nothing. TV shows were in a subdirectory of the Movie share, but I set up a separate share for tv in an effort to force kodi to scan with the appropriate add on. No joy. Frankly, I am getting a bit sick of kodi and it's quirks foibles and clunky interface. Any suggestions.? I have tried Plex but gave up as I am not looking for a full time hobby.
(2018-09-16, 22:14)AvatarOfTheShip Wrote: [ -> ]Any suggestions?
As always, start with enabling the debugging function, restart Kodi for a clean log file, reproduce the problem, and provide us the debug log (wiki) file via a pastebin website near you. That way we can have a first glimpse under the hood of your Kodi device. Smile