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Full Version: Kodi Audio Mixer
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I am a new user, I have Kodi working on Windows 10.  I use the version that is released through the Windows Store.  I cannot install Kodi Audio Mixer.  Is there some way that I can control the volume better?  The bass from my speakers is uncontrollable.  I need some way to change that.  I tried installing from a .zip file but it was unable to uninstall.  I followed the steps found on the wiki. Can anyone tell me what to do to make it work?  It is not found on the repositories.
Hello @hibby540


After some fretting about trying to figure out why I could not find this add-on in the Official Repository, I have just been advised that the Kodi Audio Mixer add-on... is only available for osx and linux.

It won't work on Windows.