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Full Version: theaudiodb not scraping Artists Thumbnails
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well in the starting it scraped the artists thumbnails but when i installed a fresh new one Windows. After that Kodi din't scraped a single artist thumbnail even if i tried manually , it showed no art when tried manually.

PS if i download artist thumbnails and insert them folder and choose them then it appears but its impossible to do for all artists as i have a huge collection. Any Help ??

Even so if its possible that i download all thumbnail then in that case is it possible that Kodi has any option that it scraps Artists thumbnail through the Artist folders where the songs are placed??

Kodi V17.6 Krypton
Win 10 (Windows Version 1803)

Artist Folder and its Songs , this is how i have arranged my video songs in my HDD.
hello ? no reply can someone help me out ?? audiodb ain't scraping the Artist Thumbnail although i can scrap the songs of the artist with there thumbnails but not the Artist Thumbnails.
Moved to metadata scrapers.

You have asked two previous questions regarding artwork or scraping. Both times I asked for a Debug Log. Not going to ask a third time.