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Full Version: "Bodyguard (2018)" doesn't get properly recognised
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Im running kodi 17.6 and my TV information provider is "The TVDB" (v3.0.9 by team kodi from the oficial repository) Im running on ubuntu 18.04.

In my TV directory I have a subdirectroy named "Bodyguard (2018)" (and its meant to point to this series) and within this there as the episodes named in the format "s01e01 Bodyguard (2018.mkv)".

When kodi adds these to the library, it names them as BG (2018)?

Am I doing something very stupid?
The way I have this TV series is

Bodyguard (2018)/Season 1/Bodyguard (2018) - S01E05 - Episode 5.mkv

Does that help?
I had an issue adding that series. I had to do a refresh and then select Bodyguard (2018) from list of shows displayed.
I also had the naming convention as described by @tjay260476
I also had same issue for this series.  Perform manual refresh on selected library folder item that you know needs to be corrected (as automatic does get it wrong sometimes) then select correct series identification to replace incorrect identification.
Check out Kodi.Wiki and Section 4.2 Individual Refresh Wink https://kodi.wiki/view/Updating_or_removing_videos
(2018-09-22, 16:49)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]Bodyguard (2018) - S01E05 - Episode 5

Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried renaming as you suggest, but its still coming up as BG (2018).
@MikeKL  -- the manual refresh did it. Thanks for the tip!
The issue here, ultimately, is that thetvdb is no longer filling in the firstAired field in the API for new titles, and there's no place on the website to fill in the information any more.
My assumption would be that they intend for it to be automatically filled in from the airdate of the first episode... but it isn't.

In the case of Bodyguard, the other show does have the firstAired field filled in, and Kodi overwhelmingly biases shows with a matching year over all others.
Basically, every title is scored by Kodi from 0-1 based on how much it matches the search title (as cleaned up from your folder name), but then it gives a +1 if the year also matches, so those titles automatically go to the very top of the pile (if the year is one-out they get a +0.5).

I've tried to fix this by using the year in the title of the search result as a fallback when there's no firstAired, so "Bodyguard (2018)" will still return a year of 2018, and thus go back to beating the score of other show.

Pull Request here