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Full Version: Folder name not being scrapped
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After troubleshooting, if I use this folder name (inside I have the .mkv and the .nfo file with imdb url):

"Dina 2017 LIMITED Movies DVDRip x264 AAC with Sample"

movie is not recognized by scrapper

Anything else seems to work, like ""Dina 2017 LIMITED Movies DVDRip x264 AAC with Sampl", or ""Dina 2017 LIMITED Movies DVDRip x264 AAC with Sampla"

Logs don't say much. 

What could the problem be?
Sample is a Kodi trigger word. It will not scrape while that word is in the title.

In case you ask... No, it will not be changed.
(2018-09-22, 23:54)jalcaid001 Wrote: [ -> ]Logs don't say much. 
Worse still, they don't speak at all.

(2018-09-22, 23:54)jalcaid001 Wrote: [ -> ]LIMITED Movies DVDRip x264 AAC with Sample
Personally I see no reason whatsoever to keep such info in a file or folder name. All relevant info will be in the Kodi database or in the nfo file.
Ok.. that explains the mystery

I guess it's weird and if I had to use trigger words on folder names, I would try something more generic  (like  __<any trigger word>__). But you must have your reasons to keep it like it is

Perhaps you can add a log message when you hit such a case?
As far as I am aware, it is the only trigger word that stops scraping. Possibly also trailer but I would have to check