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Full Version: Clean library not removing empty paths
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Hey guys, maybe it's my misunderstanding. but I have all my TV shows under their own folder with seasons within.

TV Shows
      Season 01
      Season 02
   Show 2
     Season 01

All has been working really well.

I have sinced removed the Show 2 folder and run a clean media but it still shows up in my TV Shows within Kodi.

Should the clean have removed it?
(2018-09-23, 03:28)alpha_76 Wrote: [ -> ]Should the clean have removed it?
The simple answer: yes. But you also used the wrong tactics to remove a TV show. Removing a TV show should also give you to delete the actual files (if you have the delete option enabled in the Kodi GUI).

If you know your way around a SQL database you could perhaps find out where the differences are.
Did you simply delete the folder from your hard drive then run a Clean Library expecting it to be removed from Kodi? If yes, then wrong method. Kodi thinks the drive is unplugged.

In short, yes. I deleted the folder from my media server which is connected to Kodi via an FTP connection.

What would be the correct process in this config? Same as the process in the above links?
Yes, same method.

Remove the Source from within Kodi as detailed in the second link above, then remove your TV Show folder from the NAS.
OK thanks, appreciate the help and guidance.