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Full Version: Kodi should really have a official tv stick/dongle.
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Now that Kodi is coming out with DRM and 4K support, and comparing itself to smart tv on their website, there really should be more ways to actually have it. Tv stick/dongles might be a good way to go since it would be easy to plug into most screens, it would be portable and could compete with other tv stick/dongles with the new V18.

That's my thoughts and the main reason why I made this account to get that out there, I guess comment or whatever forum people do.
Quote:Kodi should really have a official tv stick/dongle
No, we shouldn't, it's way too much hassle. We have plenty of work on Kodi itself as it is. Smile
I guess, but would an official tv stick/dongle be considered in the future after the big updates are done?
we are not hardware sellers and do not want to deal with support and the rest that comes into play with it
We do have a lovely Raspberry Pi case you are welcome to check out.