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Full Version: Exporting library to individual files leads to degraded fanart over time.
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Thus far I've been exporting my nfo and art to the respective folders using 'export library' and choosing 'individual files'. But what I've noticed is that doing so has introduced the unexpected behavior of a slowly degrading fanart images for all media. 2 questions:

1) was there some special way I should have gone about this to avoid this ? E.g. every time I'm wanting to export library, doing so twice: first time overwriting and NOT choosing to export fanart; and then the second time including fanart but not overwriting [ie. I want the nfos overwritten, but not the fanart etc.]
2) is there a way to refresh these images (rescrape) so the pixelated versions are replaced with new ones ? learning how to avoid the issue in the future is a first good step, but fixing the problem itself would also be great.

Thanks a lot !
Did you have local artwork to begin with, or was the artwork downloaded as part of the scraping process?

Read this section on Cache... https://kodi.wiki/view/Artwork#Managing_Artwork

In v18, if you add those two XML tags to your advancedsettings.xml with the 9999 variable, your artwork will remain untouched. This means that you can carry out the process in Section 3.2.2 on that same page and rescrape your artwork back to its pristine condition. As long as you have those two xml tags, artwork will remain original everytime you export your library.
Thank you Karellen.

The fanart I had had been scraped over time as I ripped media. Every time I added a few entries, I scraped, it successfully grabbed the fanart. But obviously over time I've been exporting to the media directories themselves, over-writing with the cached version.

I'll have a look at that thread. Thanks !
Hi @Karellen
I was just about to post a separate thread, but then I saw this one so didn't really want to duplicate. I've just re-scanned both my movie and Tv show libraries (both with local artwork) and I'm now experiencing a large number of titles with very pixelated artwork, because in the past I have exported my libraries in exactly the same way as @filmcsb has described.

The odd thing is not all the images seem to be affected. My TV show library seems to be far worse than my movie library. However, if I manually choose artwork from the item folder for an affected movie title, the pixelated image is restored back to how it should be. But does that mean this restored image has been placed in Kodi's texture cache again?

I'm trying to figure out the best approach to take to fix things. Would it best for me to:-

1) Go through my entire library, identifying the titles that are affected and then manually choose the artwork again, as described above and then re-export?
2) Delete the texture.db and thumbnail directory. Remove my libraries and re-scrape?

Great tip about the 9999 variable. I think I need to add this for sure.
(2018-09-29, 15:40)Dumyat Wrote: [ -> ]I'm trying to figure out the best approach to take to fix things.
I think that will depend on how many artwork images are affected.

If it is only a relatively small number, then manually change them, according to your point 1, when you happen to come across them, but if it is something that has affected most of your library, then use your point 2. Just be aware that point 2 will remove all images- music, music videos, movies, tv shows, icons, etc and they will all be rebuilt from the source where they originally came from. If you have no local artwork and all the images came from online, then there will be a lot of downloads. If you now have local images, but they were originally cached from online, they will still be downloaded from the online source.
Thanks for the feedback Karellen.
Since a large number seemed to be affected from both my Movie and Tv show libraries, I went for option 2. Everything went ok, but unfortunately it would appear that a large proportion of my actual local images had become pixelated. The only way to solve the issue is to delete the affected local images and download them again into their relevant folders and do a manual re-fresh. So, it's going to take some time I think to fully fix everything, but have now added the 9999 variable in my advanced settings, which I hope will stop the same thing happening again in the future when I'm exporting my library. 
One thing I did notice when doing a manual re-fresh is landscape images don't appear to get automatically updated. I'm having to choose them manually each time.
Anyway, thanks for the feedback and coming back to me....
(2018-10-04, 21:19)Dumyat Wrote: [ -> ]One thing I did notice when doing a manual re-fresh is landscape images don't appear to get automatically updated.
Which images are these? Are they the episode images for TV Shows or are they the smaller fanart for movies?

If it is for TV Shows, then Kodi still wants them named as thumbs ie American Gods S01E01-thumb.jpg. If it is for movies, Kodi does not load extended artwork (clearlogo, clearart, landscape, disc etc) Install Artwork Beef to do that.

(2018-10-04, 21:19)Dumyat Wrote: [ -> ]The only way to solve the issue is to delete the affected local images and download them again into their relevant folders and do a manual re-fresh
If you are downloading and saving the original artwork locally, then there is no reason to be exporting your images when running the Export. You should answer No when asked.
Here's a couple of examples for the image type I mean for my TV shows:-


I guess these are landscape, but for TV shows. From what you said they are likely to be classified in the same way as Movies, ie as extended artwork and therefore not added automatically. It's not a problem, it was more curiosity on my part when re-freshing a title manually why these updated images were not being picked up, when they are now sitting in my local folders.

Ok, no problem. In future when exporting I will ensure I select 'No' for artwork.
Thanks again for the advise. Much appreciated.
Yes, they are Landscape images not the episode thumbs I mentioned. They are basically Fanart + Logo = Landscape

Artwork Beef will load all the Extended Artwork. Like Kodi, it prefers local artwork first. It can also be set to download and save images that are missing from your library.
I'm using Zidoo ZDMC (which is Kodi 18.4 under the hood, compiled 2019-09-03) and experience this issue regularly.
I want my posters managed by Kodi and I regularly export my library to individual files before archiving movies to external disks.
Is there some other way to get this issue fixed without having to manage posters myself or disabling them beeing part of the export function?
You can go the advancedsettings route but then that results in horrible Poster Sharpening when they're displayed in the GUI.