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I do not speak English, I am using a translator. My query is as follows: I have kodi leia + the skin imitates and works all vien, except when I use the addon youtube or netflix, it always shows me the list of videos in list format, I select for example to see them in infowall mode, when I close the addon and re-open it, I list the videos in list mode again. Is it a bug? or how can I do to define a view mode and not change it?
Thank you
If you wish to change a view mode to a anyone you prefer you have to edit the xml file in kodi>skin mimic>1080i>myVideoNav.xml in that file you will see  the code as follows:
Quote:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <defaultcontrol always="true">50</defaultcontrol>

below that code  between lines 29 and 56 you will see the views included and the id of the view:
Quote: <control type="group">
            <!-- view id = 50 -->
            <!-- view id = 52 -->
            <!-- view id = 51 -->
            <!-- view id = 55 -->
            <!-- view id = 57 -->
            <!-- view id = 59 -->
            <!-- view id = 500 -->
            <!-- view id = 520 -->
            <!-- view id = 501 -->
            <!-- view id = 502 -->
            <!-- view id = 504 -->
            <!-- view id = 505 -->
            <!-- view id = 507 -->
Just change the order of the views in line:


for example the infowall view has the 51 id so if you wish to open all your library and netflix  movies and tv shows just change 51 id to the beginning of the line as follows:


and done all your videos will be displayed in infowall view